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Mission Statement.We are called to strengthen our faith and sent to continue the ministry of Jesus Christ by service and witness in the world.

The Helen M. Paxton Women’s Missionary Society was organized out of the Women’s Missionary Society of St. Paul AME Church in 1990 and named in honor of Helen Paxton for her faithful service. The earlier WMS was organized around the early 1900”s by Sara Allen , wife of our first Bishop of the AME Church, and functioned basically the same as the existing organization does today providing service to those in need. Helen Paxton of Muskogee, Oklahoma and a graduate of Langston University was a public school teacher and owner of Paxey”s Play School in Columbus Ohio. At St. Paul AME she organized the Wee Wisdom Choir, served as Sunday School Teacher and president of the Women’s Missionary Society. She worked tirelessly in the community and was a recipient of many awards, as well as, a member of various organizations. Mrs. Paxton was married to Attorney Edmund Paxton and has three daughters: Susan Paxton, Hope Jackson and Helen Arnold.  

Today the Helen M. Paxton Missionary Society is a connectional organization supporting the requests from the Conference and District levels of the AME Church. Some of the programs the society performs and supports on the local level are: Komen Cure for Cancer, Miracle on Long Street, United Methodist Children’s Home, YWCA Family Center, Alzheimer’s Association, Girl’s workshops, and the CROP Walk. The society supports the local church financially, promotes funds-raiser activities, and provides food and visits to our sick and shut in members.  

In 1997 a unit was formed known as Unit 1 of the Helen M. Paxton Society. The Unit’s purpose was to accommodate the YPD leaders who are unable to attend the regular meetings. Also, they support the needs and issues of our youth church members. Nancy Thomas served as advisor and Priscilla Smith served as the first Chairperson. Pamela Garrett served as the Unit’s second Chairperson and currently the Chairperson is Roxyanne Burrus. One of their main projects is the MWANGAZA: Rites of Passage Ministry which was formed in 2001 and developed by Priscilla Smith. To date, twenty-five students have participated in the program. On Missionary Emphasis Day, the graduating class is presented by Unit 1 and on July 26, 2009 the seventh class graduated.  

The Helen M. Paxton WMS is a Spiritual and committed body of hard working vibrant women who support the different missions, when necessary. At present, our organization consists of over 50 dedicated women. Our past presidents continue to be in our hearts namely: Mezell McGhee, Eunice Hall, Lucille Palmer, and Clarice Davies. Currently, our president is Georgia McKeever and her mission is to lead women willing to step out on faith to continue God’s Mission. As president, she recognizes that each member has a unique gift that needs to be nurtured, encouraged, and supported. Some of Georgia’s goals are to work in harmony with the members of the WMS, to educate our church family regarding the programs and activities of the society, and to dedicate the church undercroft in the name of the Women’s Missionary Society.  

    Nancy Winfrey Thomas
WMS President
Mrs. Helen M. Paxton

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